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Why Choose Us


Human-centered consultations and workshops to develop solutions that meet your unique needs and goals.

Data-driven approach

Data analysis and evaluation to assess and measure sustainable impact and effectiveness

Inclusive and human-centred design

Creating more inclusive workplace cultures using cultural intelligence and humility

The Process



We identify what solution your business will receive the highest impact, and how your organisation can lead the market in employee experience.



Using human-centered and data driven methods, content is customised to achieve set goals. The approach is based on theory of change, psychology, strategy & creativity.



With our done-for-you model, our expert facilitator runs the show. The result? An engaged team that is positioned for performance and wellbeing.

Kind words

Ruhee guided our organisation to better understand the unique role that human resources professionals play in enabling a firm to be anti-racist. Her extensive understanding of inclusive talent management processes and how to engage others in conversations about race are inspiring.

The Allied Collective anti-racism program takes what are difficult conversations and topics and facilitates personal and group reflections on them in a safe environment. This knowledge program inspires change at both individual and organisational levels.


Associate Diversity & Inclusion

Throughout my time working with Ruhee on different projects, I’ve been impressed with her commitment to developing our team. She shares her knowledge and experience with others through facilitating meetings, hosting discussions, and by showing up as a leader that others can rely on for expertise.


Manager Guest Relations

Ruhee’s passion and experience shine when she is facilitating. I’ve had the opportunity to take part in several sessions that Ruhee has hosted – from groups of 30 individuals to upwards of 100. In every session, the result is the same: Ruhee creates an open space for people to learn, engage, ask questions, and feel heard. With more events and meetings happening virtually, it is increasingly challenging to facilitate content or deliver training that is both engaging and instructive, but Ruhee does so consistently.


Head of People Operations

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