Australia’s first inclusive facilitation and wellbeing agency, where mindful design and cultural humility pave the way to transformative workplace dynamics.

Addressing the Core Challenges: In today’s fast-paced world, burnout, employee turnover, and leadership development are not just challenges but barriers to true business growth. At Allied Collective, we specialise in turning these barriers into pathways for unparalleled impact, both within the workplace and beyond.

Workplace Wellbeing affects employee turnover, happiness and engagement.

At Allied Collective, we are more than just an agency or consultancy; we are a movement. With a human-centred approach at our core, we prioritise employee wellbeing and retention to drive measurable impact toward your business goals. Our custom solutions ensure not just satisfaction, but a transformative experience for your team.

Our Approach: Our methodology embraces wellbeing across 10 dimensions – physical, mental, emotional, occupational, environmental, digital, financial, social, spiritual, and intersectional. We’ve witnessed firsthand the benefits of investing in people – a philosophy proven by our clients’ success, including a case study with a 120% profit increase within just 5 months of engagement.

Our Impact: We believe in the ripple effect of sustainable wellbeing in leaders and their teams. We create impactful solutions that yield positive results, as evidenced by our track record: employees feeling valued are significantly less likely to seek employment elsewhere. We’ve impacted over 30 businesses over 7000+ individuals and counting.

Our Purpose: We are dedicated to facilitating a better future through inclusive facilitation and wellbeing. Our trainings are meticulously designed to cater to diverse perspectives, fostering creativity and offering real-time learning opportunities.

Sustainability and Innovation: We’re committed to lasting and meaningful change, not short-term fixes. Our approach to effective learning addresses the shortage of skilled facilitators, creating teams primed for performance.

Inclusivity at Its Core: Every voice matters to us. We ensure that our sessions are inclusive, engaging, and resonate with diverse audiences. We don’t just train; we tailor our sessions to meet the unique needs of your organisation.

Our Vision: At Allied Collective, we set high-level goals that culminate in tangible outcomes. Our value-based learning approach aligns with your core principles, guiding our learning objectives.

Embracing Diversity and Uncertainty: We diligently work to create a safe space where every voice is celebrated. Our agility in adapting to uncertainty is not just a strategy; it’s our strength.

We are Allied Collective, where we transform workplaces into thriving communities of growth, innovation, and inclusive success.

Ruhee portrait

Ruhee Meghani

Lead facilitator and founder at Allied Collective

As the leading voice in inclusive wellbeing, seasoned facilitator and accomplished public speaker, Ruhee has over 12 years of experience across a diverse range of industries including advertising, sport retail, hospitality, technology, digital marketing, community services, and wellbeing.

Forever curious, straight-talking, and driven by conversation around inclusion and equity, Ruhee holds a strong academic background and extensive experience in psychology, Yoga philosophy and business management. Ruhee’s unique and diverse skillset and experience has driven her to found Allied Collective, Australia’s first inclusive facilitation & wellbeing agency.

At Allied Collective, the focus is on immersive and collaborative learning experiences, prioritising conversation, and engagement over passive learning.

We understand that life is too short to spend sitting through endless monotone training, which is why we prioritise the importance of making learning fun, accessible, and inclusive.

And discover how Allied Collective helps organisations achieve their goals through engaging and impactful training and facilitation services.