How transforming workplace culture helped this company successfully shatter a three-year profit crisis

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This case study showcases the journey of a digital marketing agency and its collaboration with Allied Collective. By taking a comprehensive approach that included optimizing HR processes, implementing cybersecurity strategies, enhancing performance reviews, and introducing innovative initiatives, the agency achieved significant improvements in team engagement, revenue generation, and overall success.

Client Background:

The digital marketing agency, which had been operating for over five years, faced challenges related to workplace wellbeing, employee retention, and revenue growth. Recognizing the need for comprehensive solutions, the agency enlisted the help of Allied Collective to effectively address these issues and foster a thriving work environment.

Project Scope:

Spanning five months, the project covered various functional and specialist domains, such as change and program management, culture development, leadership enhancement, process improvement, and employee engagement. The focus areas included performance evaluation, compliance, employee retention, cybersecurity, and revenue generation. Allied Collective identified team engagement and retention, improved cybersecurity measures, a more streamlined performance review process, and enhanced compliance as key areas for improvement.

Key Initiatives and Achievements:

Streamlined HR Processes and Efficiency:

Allied Collective implemented a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) to streamline HR processes, increase automation, and improve efficiency. This optimization resulted in smoother employee onboarding, enhanced record-keeping, and streamlined workflows, allowing HR staff to dedicate more time to strategic initiatives.

Robust Cybersecurity Strategy:

Recognizing the importance of safeguarding sensitive information, Allied Collective developed and implemented a strong cybersecurity strategy. This involved encryption protocols, strengthened access controls, and comprehensive employee training on data security best practices. The improved security measures ensured the confidentiality and integrity of employee and client data.

Enhanced Performance Review Process:

Allied Collective reviewed and revamped the performance review process to make it more effective and meaningful. The new approach aimed to assess employee performance, provide constructive feedback, and support professional development. Through training and support, managers were equipped with the necessary skills to conduct evaluations, deliver feedback effectively, and foster employee growth.

Transparent Revenue Targets and Innovation:

To drive engagement and revenue growth, Allied Collective introduced transparency around revenue targets at the agency. The innovative approach included visual indicators expressing monthly targets in dollar value, empowering employees to understand their impact on the agency’s success. Additionally, Allied Collective designed an Innovation Day where team ideas were brought to life using inclusive design methods to close revenue gaps, improve efficiencies, and enhance service offerings.

Results and Impact:

Impressive Revenue Growth:

Within just three months of engaging with Allied Collective, the agency experienced a remarkable year-over-year increase in revenue of 120%. This significant boost marked a turning point, as the agency reported profits for the first time in three years, with the most profitable month post-engagement. Allied Collective’s transparent revenue targets and innovative strategies played a pivotal role in achieving this impressive growth.

Personal Development Plans and Overhaul of Performance Evaluation Process:

The implementation of new job descriptions and personal development plans led to increased clarity regarding roles and responsibilities within the team. This improvement enhanced employee engagement and provided a solid foundation for the performance review process. The development of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and the overhaul of the annual performance review system ensured that evaluations were tailored to the diverse needs of the team, fostering a fair and meaningful assessment process.

Culture of Innovation and Collaboration:

Through the Innovation Day designed by Allied Collective, the company witnessed a surge in creativity, teamwork, and innovation. This collaborative effort resulted in the generation of groundbreaking ideas that closed revenue gaps, improved operational efficiencies, and enhanced service offerings for clients.


This case study showcases the power of human-centered solutions in addressing workplace challenges and driving remarkable success. By streamlining HR processes, implementing robust cybersecurity measures, enhancing performance evaluations, and fostering a culture of transparency and innovation, the agency experienced exceptional revenue growth, improved engagement, and a revitalized work environment. This work exemplifies the transformative impact of Allied Collective’s inclusive facilitation and well-being approach, positioning them as a leading force for human-centered solutions that create teams poised for performance.

Allied Collective works with organizations to improve workplace culture, wellbeing and productivity with a holistic approach. Using inclusive facilitation and wellbeing at heart, we evaluate and implement solutions that receive the highest impact, and help your workplace lead the market in employee experience in a sustainable way. We’re just an email away. Contact us at to organize a consultation call.

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